Moisture Detector Dasboard

This dashboard automatically depicts data from our Arduino moisture sensor. The sensor detects the moisture level of the plant's soil which is shown below and waters the plant if it is too low. There is a table of the latest five readings of the sensor as well.

While this is just a small prototype, this sensor and dashboard would help farmers by decreasing the amount of watering they have to do and preventing overwatering.

Latest Moisture Level (%):

Most Recent Data Readings

Date Time Moisture
13/04/2020 09:38:43 40.625
13/04/2020 09:38:26 40.72265625
13/04/2020 09:38:09 40.72265625
13/04/2020 09:37:53 40.72265625
13/04/2020 09:37:36 40.72265625